Order Management & Fulfillment

Automated and Robust Order Processing.

Centralized staging and automated processing of orders from web, phone and online channels streamlines workflow from order capture to shipment.

Centraltized Order Capture

Orders from all sales channels are automatically captured and centrally staged eliminating manual and error-prone transfers of data and minimizing staffing needs.

Automated Order Processing

Orders are automatically processed through capture, fraud detection and fufillment allowing staff to better serve your customers.

Flexible Inventory Sourcing

Drive more sale and higher customer satisfaction flexible with rules driven inventory sourcing. Source inventory from multiple location or drop-ship fulfillment.

Shipping Integration

Direct integration with FedEx®, UPS® Worldship, Endicia® and 3rd party shipping software enables faster shipment processing, instant notification to customers, and increased accuracy

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  • Order Mgt - Billing


  • Order Mgt - Fulfillment


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    Shipment Validation

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Streamlined order management and fulfillment!

Streamlines your order processing and fulfillment process removing operational bottlenecks while giving you the ability to grow sales across all channels with confidence..


Order Processing

  • Automated & centralized order capture
  • Automated order processing
  • Robust order management features
  • Flexible order search and filtering
  • Manual order imports

Payment Processing

  • Automated credit card processing with multiple providers
  • Automatic processing of recurring payments
  • Refunds and voids


  • Drop-shop, just-in-time and in stock fulfillment
  • Source inventory from multiple warehouse on single order
  • Rules based warehouse selection

Pick, Pack and Ship

  • Automatically queue orders for processing based on inventory availability.
  • Track orders by stage: picking, packing, shipped, delivered or cancelled.
  • Select orders for processing based on multiple criteria including dates, stage, channel, shipment method, customer, location, etc. .
  • Batch print picking and packing documents .
  • Ship full or partial orders.
  • Automatic e-mailing to customers of order status and shipment tracking numbers.
  • Transmit and receive shipment information directly with UPS Worldship, Fedex, USPS (Endicia) and 3rd party shipping software.
  • Create/audit work flow states and tasks
  • Validate shipments


  • Issue and track return material authorizations (RMAs).
  • Assign return reason codes and expiration dates.
  • Receive resalable inventory
  • Issue refunds

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