COREPartner Ecosystem Program

The COREPartner Ecosystem is a partner program designed to make it easier, faster, and more cost effective for our customers to make use of today's most innovative retail management solutions.

Lifecycle Solutions Benefit CORESense Customers

Many businesses lack the time, money or expertise to evaluate and integrate the wide array of retail lifecycle solutions available to them. Through an initiative led by CORESense, more than a dozen channel, fulfillment and technology providers have joined forces to offer pre-integrated, best-in-class solutions that address different aspects of the retail lifecycle, including acquiring new customers; converting new customers to buyers; delighting customers with great service; and cultivating a loyal customer base.

Excel with our Expertise

Within the COREPartner Ecosystem, you can draw on the collective knowledge of COREPartner members as well as CORESense's own retail experts to make use of the solutions that best fit their business needs.

Through the COREPartner Ecosystem, CORESense provides its clients with cost-effective access to the same leading channels, shipping partners, and technology used by best-in-class retailers while making the applications very easy and quick to deploy.

Minimize IT Time & Cost

Our customers avoid having to make a large hardware and software investments, as well as application management demands, as each solution is fully tested and integrated with CORESense retail management solutions. Customers can access the entire suite of COREPartner Ecosystem applications directly through their CORESense software.

The COREPartner Ecosystem is open to all customers, application and service providers. Potential partners can contact Chris Martin for more information about joining and accessing the program.