Inventory Management

Inventory Management that puts you in control!

Gain real-time control and visibility across one or more retail and online channels.

Accurate Inventory Counts

Inventory is tracked from purchase order to fulfillment and return so you know what's on hand, on order and has been sold.

Retail Time Updates

Inventory transactions are syncrhonized across all retail and online channels in real-time.

Flexible Re-stocking

Manually order for one or multiple stores or warehouses or leverage system generated purchase orders to replenish stock.

Warehouse Management

Supports creation of simple, kitted, grid, configurable and inventoryless product types.

  • SKU Manager

    SKU Manager

  • Model Stock

    Model Stock

  • Vendor Mgt

    Vendor Management

  • Purchase Orer Builder

    Purchase Order Builder

  • Purchase Order Mgt

    Purchase Order Management

  • Transfer

    Transfer Builder

  • Reciever


Maximize your inventory investment!

Real-time synchronization of sales and inventory across multiple stores and channels combined with automated stock replenishment, provides the right inventory level to you at the right time while minimizing your purchasing effort and cost of goods sold and increasing inventory turns.


Inventory Management

  • Real time inventory synchronization across all channels
  • Full inventory visibility from all channels
  • Detailed inventory transaction tracking
  • Physical inventory Counts

Vendor/SKU Management

  • Stock, Drop-ship and JIT SKUs.
  • Multiple vendors per SKU
  • Multiple barcodes per SKU
  • SKU purchasing levels, case sizes and incentives
  • Default stocking locations
  • Delivery performance tracking

Purchase Orders (POs)

  • Master PO's for multiple location
  • Centralized Distribution POs
  • System recommended POs based on min/max levels
  • System recommended POs based on model stock or size runs for grid products
  • Import SKUs and quantities
  • Transmit via Email, efax, print or EDI


  • Barcode, batch or manual receiving
  • Edit cost on receiving
  • Add items during receiving
  • Print bar code labels
  • Generate put-away instructions
  • Cross-dock transfer from distribution center to stores
  • Advanced Ship Notice (ASNs)
  • Automatically assigns backordered inventory


  • Intra- or inter- warehouse transfers
  • On-the-fly transfers via barcode scanning
  • System recommended transfers
  • Specify from/to locations and shipping method

Warehouse Management

  • Supports multiple warehouses
  • SKUs can be stored in multiple warehouse locations
  • Warehouse locations can be marked as available/unavailable for fulfillment
  • Customizable location labels

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