Call Center

Web-based Call Center Solution!

Web-based Sales Order Interface (SOI) software provides real time access to customer, order, product and inventory information and includes a guided process for quickly and accurately taking, processing and fulfilling new orders.

You and your staff can view and update customer information, respond to customer inquiries and place, process and track orders.

The software can run on a desktop or laptop computer making it ideal for decoupling complicated order and return processing from the main checkout lanes and for remote as well as consultative selling.


Manage telemarketing/telesales operations with intuitive and robust web-based CRM and order entry application.

Order Entry

Accurately and efficiently enter orders using the fewest possible steps.

Informed Service

Access and view customer and order information and keep call records and notes for future reference.

Complex Transactions

Address complex and time-consuming sales, returns and problem resolution away from your main checkout lanes.

  • SOI-Customer Info

    Customer Information

  • SOI-ProductInfo

    Product Picker

  • SOI-Payments


  • SOI-OrderSearch

    Order Search

Ideal for remote and tele-sales, service and marketing applications!

Runs on a PC, tablet or laptop making it an ideal tool for consultative selling of complex products out in the showroom, selling at remote events or enrolling customers in loyalty programs.


Telemarketing and Sales

  • Group database by Type - Lead, Prospect or Customer and client defined attributes (list source, state, tier, etc)
  • Assign Groups to Sales People
  • Assign Sales People to Sales Teams
  • Manage permissions around Sales People, Sales Teams and Customer Groups (view only, view and edit, create orders, etc)
  • Assign sales persons to order
  • Capture Key, Source and Mail Codes
  • Tie pricing and promotion to Keycodes

Customer Service

  • View total $ spent, average $ spent and customer since data
  • Customer and order search by standard and custom attributes
  • “Drill Down” access into customer and order details
  • Centralized incoming and outgoing email management with auto-generated links to associated order or customer record
  • Detailed audit trail of comments, price changes, payment, RMA history
  • Real time view into inventory status and availability on back ordered items
  • Create and send your own auto-fill email templates using any information about the customer or order

Call Center

  • Define multiple, branded call center/support channels
  • Workflow driven order wizard
  • Check inventory availability across all channels
  • View detailed product information
  • View related products including cross- sells and up-sells
  • View available promotions
  • Duplicate past orders or order Items
  • Ship Order Items to multiple addresses
  • Create and process quotes
  • Search for products and customers by one or more attributes
  • Create / edit customer accounts
  • Gather survey type data
  • Process returns
  • Duplicate orders

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